24/7/365  SAT, ACT Preparation

24/7/365  SAT, ACT Preparation


Research supports Online Test Prep

It's been established and finally confirmed by both the College Board and ACT, that regular practice  improves students' test scores.  Moreover, Khan Academy recently released evidence to support the assertion that such preparation could be limited to web based, student directed learning for a minimum of 20 hours.

This research along with our own observations of Mindspire students led us to conceive and develop a Hybrid or Blended Learning Program for the SAT & ACT.  Our SAT, ACT Hybrid program combines the best features of online prep with an elite and experienced staff of tutors. 

Mindspire's Blended SAT/ACT Prep can be accessed through a laptop, tablet, or smart phone; It is accessible to our students anytime and from anywhere.   Request Information

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    We built our program to be efficacious and transparent...  Here are some key features: 

    • Always accessible 
    • Aligned with prevailing learning theory
    • Habit-forming in a good way
    • Lots and lots and lots of practice
    • Video explanations for every practice question
    • Real time results for outcome oriented students
    • 12 months of access to both SAT & ACT Programs PLUS 6 hours of 1-to-1 tutoring.  

    score improvement?  Yes.

    Beyond Best Practices, the pedagogy has to work. 

    The technology behind Mindspire Blended Prep has been successfully used among hundreds of elite high schools and over 18,000 students.  

    The average score improvement for students who follow their Learning Checklist is 3 Points on the ACT and 115 Points on the SAT.  

    Write to us to request the data which supports the average score information.   Learn more