Shahar Link offers a 10-session one-on-one program of Academic Life Coaching to help students:

  • get motivated 
  • set realistic goals and achieve them
  • set up successful academic systems
  • question negative assumptions and get past limiting beliefs
  • understand their values and make decisions aligned with those values
  • build empathy and improve relationships
  • identify their passions and tap into leadership potential
  • create their own "mission statement"
  • build resilience and a "growth mindset"

Academic Life Coaching is not a top-down process -- it is a partnership between the coach, the student and parents. 

Cost for the 10-session program is $1999. Shahar can meet anywhere in the Triangle, or on Skype for a 10% discount.

Please call 919-335-8378 for more information or to set up an initial 30-minute consultation.

Click here for more information about the program.