One-on-One Test Preparation

We’ve privately tutored thousands of students for the SAT and ACT, and therefore have a system that we know works.

Here is the process:

1. Get baseline test scores. We can use previous official tests, or take mock tests with us. Best to have an ACT and SAT so we can help you decide which test is best.

2. Decide which package is best for you: 15, 25, or 35 hours. This depends on a number of factors, such as when you will take the test, what your baseline scores are, how much time you can allocate to studying, and more. We also offer tutoring by the hour, if you're not sure which package is best for you.

3. Match you with the best tutor. Based on your strengths and weaknesses, as well your "learning profile," we match you with the tutor who will best meet your needs.

4. Tutoring begins. Sessions will be about once/week, but that is flexible, as is session length. You'll have HW in between each session, including practice sections, full-length mock tests, and drills focused on specific areas you need to work on. During sessions, your tutor will review your homework in depth, as well as teach you all the various techniques and strategies you need to improve your scores. 

5. Take your test! Once you get your scores back, let us know what happened.  We guarantee our work. The chart below shows our guarantees and rates. If you don’t go up by that minimum amount, we will provide up to 12 hours complimentary tutoring before the next test date.

That’s the basic process. Please email or call us if you’d like to discuss more!

Rates for Private Tutoring:

Program Length Mindspire Tutor Mindspire Master Tutor
Short Course: 2-3 months
(15 hours Private Tutoring)
3 mock tests required
$2150 In-Person
$1850 Online
ACT: 2 Point Improvement Guarantee
SAT: 70 Point Improvement Guarantee
$3200 In-Person
$2750 Online
ACT: 3 Point Improvement Guarantee
SAT: 90 Point Improvement Guarantee
Standard Course: 4-5 months
(25 hours Private Tutoring)
5 mock tests required
$3350 In-Person
$2850 Online
ACT: 4 Point Improvement Guarantee
SAT: 120 Point Improvement Guarantee
$5100 In-Person
$4350 Online
ACT: 5 Point Improvement Guarantee
SAT: 150 Point Improvement Guarantee
Comprehensive Course: 6-7 months
(35 hours Private Tutoring)
7 mock tests required
$4350 In-Person
$3650 Online
ACT: 5 Point Improvement Guarantee
SAT: 150 Point Improvement Guarantee
$6800 In-Person
$5750 Online
ACT: 6 Point Improvement Guarantee
SAT: 180 Point Improvement Guarantee
Guarantees Explained: If a student misses the guarantee (from baseline official or mock test), by 10-30 points (1pt on the ACT) then we will provide 4 free hours of tutoring for the next test date; 40-70 points (2pts on the ACT) = 7 free hours of tutoring; 80+ points (3+) = 10 free hours of tutoring. Maximum SAT Guarantee is 1500. Maximum ACT Guarantee is 33. Pay-as-you-go tutoring is also eligible for these guarantees, as long as the minimum hours for that guarantee have been met.
Online Tutoring is as effective as in-person for most students. All online students receive a writing tablet for the duration of their tutoring, so they can easily write on a shared virtual whiteboard.