"Could not have anticipated a better tutoring experience."

I could not have anticipated a better tutoring experience for my daughter than the one she had at Mindspire™. It was both instructional and inspiring. My teenage daughter needed remedial tutoring in math in order to take the SSAT exam. She got practical guidance and, when one approach didn’t work, others were tried until her understanding was complete. She came away from each session feeling more confident in an area that had always been frustrating. This feeling of competence carried over into her own study time at home.

In short, I have been delighted with the changes I have seen in my daughter’s attitude and her approach to the subject that has challenged her the most. In the relaxed and accepting atmosphere at Mindspire™ a child may flourish at her own pace and not feel overwhelmed by a slower understanding of a particularly challenging area of study. I highly recommend Mindspire™'s services to parents and their children.

— Dorothy from Chapel Hill, NC