"One of the best tips ever!"

I had used tutors before in another state with my older children (without a lot of results) for SAT/ACT so was unsure what to expect from a Mindspire. Thankfully my friend gave me one of the best tips ever! My daughter was assessed and based on her first ACT score was placed with the appropriate tutor (Shahar) and she had amazing results! She scored higher than her "target" score and is now applying to Notre Dame, Duke, BC, UNC and 7 other top tier schools. She is also currently taking 4 AP's and Calculus. Math has always been her kryponite . So we reached out to Mindspire once again and they found the perfect tutor for her...Mr. Zipple. She makes an appt for the day before a test and has gone from a C+ to an A- already. It gives her a great sense of confidence going into the tests. Mindspire is a well organized group of personable, academic professionals. The appointments are never canceled and the billing is emailed with an easy link. Lastly they offer students FREE mock tests for ACT/SAT almost daily throughout the summer if you use their services. I highly recommend them!

-Teresa M.