4 Reasons why planning for your future starts in high school

Some of the smallest changes lead to big results

High school is a great time to have fun with friends, attend Friday night football games, and enjoy a few more years living under your parent’s roof rent-free. High school is also an excellent time to think about and prepare for your future; a time to plan for college and the years after where your main focus will be finding and acquiring a career you love. 

Planning for your future doesn’t start when you head off to college or when you have your first interview for a job…preparing for your future begins in high school. From the course load, you decide to take to your overall GPA, your success in high school is directly linked to your future path to higher education. Take a look at the 4 Reasons why planning for your future starts in high school. 


Reason #1- Your high school course load will help to prepare you for college.

What you study in high school and your overall course load is the first step towards preparing for the future. The courses you choose to take during high school will fulfill three main goals:

  1. Your high school course load will get you mentally ready for college and any entrance level classes you may have to take before committing to your major. 
  2. The courses you take will provide you with a better understanding of what you can manage both mentally and emotionally when it comes to learning.  
  3. The classes you take in high school will provide you with insight on what you find interesting and potentially lead you towards a career choice beyond college.


Reason #2- Your high school course load will affect your SAT/ACT scores 

The SAT and ACT exams are a “right of passage” when it comes to high school. The score on either test is an integral component of the college application process. Due to the important role of the SAT/ACT, it is at the forefront of many high school student’s mind, usually during junior year. The key to success on the SAT or ACT is to prepare throughout your high school career by taking the right types of classes in grades 9-11. Essentially, your high school course load will be a way to “study” over the span of three years so that the test isn’t such a life-changing event.


Reason #3- Your high school course load will help to mold your overall GPA 

Your overall GPA at the end of high school is important for several reasons:

  1. Your high school GPA is used for the college application process
  2. Your GPA highlights your strengths and weaknesses as a student
  3. A high school GPA can help a college get a feel for your overall work ethic and dedication to learning
  4. Your GPA also gives a college or university a glimpse into your potential success in college 

As you can see, your high school GPA isn’t just a number that occurs at the bottom of your quarterly report card, but rather a reflection of your high school career and potential success in secondary education. 


Reason #4- Your high school course load goes beyond meeting curricular goals. 

Whether you participate in a sport, play an instrument in the band, or are a member of the student council, extracurricular activities are a great way to enrich your high school career and prepare for the future. The activities you do during your high school career, those activities that go beyond simply meeting curricular goals and getting an “A” on a Biology test, are a great way to show colleges (and future employees) your strengths as a learner and person. Not only do extracurricular activities showcase that you can juggle multiple tasks while also committing to learning, but they are a way to show that your high school career was rich with leadership opportunities and community building. 

It is easy to see that your high school career isn’t just about attending sporting events and getting to class on time. Whether you are choosing to attend a 4-year college your high school career will greatly affect your acceptance into a secondary learning establishment. With each class you schedule and activity you sign up for this school year, take a minute to think about the bigger picture and how your choices will play into your path towards a successful career and life.