Building Good Habits

As experienced tutors, we know that the students who show the greatest improvement on tests are those who have great habits. These habits are not only study habits, though those are crucial. They are also related to sleeping, eating, exercise, staying calm, working efficiently, and many more.


Fortunately, research has discovered a lot about what works to form great habits. This website is here to help you do that. 


To start, we suggest the “Article a Day” habit. It’s a good idea for your first new habit to be something relatively easy. We’d like to make it as easy as possible for you, so we are giving you lots of articles to choose from. 


Monthly Habits: June


Habits are created with a particular cycle, like this:


Cue → Craving → Response → Reward


(For more on that, see here:


For the Article Reading Habit, it might work like this:


Cue: Maybe right after breakfast, or after dinner, or before you go to sleep. (Choose something you do every single day at about the same time.)


Craving: I want to feel accomplished, or smart, or knowledgable, or become a better reader.


Response: I successfully read the article.


Reward: You satisfy a craving to feel knowledgable and accomplished.  Eating breakfast becomes associated with reading an article every day.

If you aren’t in a habit of reading real news, start with short articles to ease yourself in.  If you do read already, try reading longer/more articles.


Choose from these articles, or find your own:


If you already read a lot, then try to take on one of these Monthly Habits (more to come on how/why to work on some of these):


  • Meditation
  • Daily Exercise
  • Journal Writing (could be an academic journal — what did you learn today?)
  • Sharpen your math skills
  • Study a Language


The Challenges below are meant to help you grow and learn in a variety of ways. We suggest you take on one each week. Each of them are designed to help you on your way to becoming a stronger learner overall.

The Desk Challenge:


Here is a guide on how to keep your workspace organized, helping you feel productive, motivated, and successful!  Submit a photo to this challenge blog with a before and after photo, and how this challenge helped you.