How can a summer internship help me?

It looks better to colleges than other entry level jobs

When applying to colleges, grades and test scores must be supplemented by strong extracurricular activities. Admissions processes are becoming more holistic, and colleges genuinely care about what an applicant does in his or her free time. Summer internships are a serious commitment of time and energy, and this can be intimidating for any student who doesn’t know what they want to study.

A well-researched summer internship will help you to gain experience in a field/career you find interesting – regardless of whether you go on to major in that field. A quality summer internship will provide all of the following:

  1. Hands-on experience with the day-to-day duties of a field
  2. A supportive learning environment
  3. An opportunity to gain practical knowledge and specialized skills
  4. An opportunity to learn communication and collaboration skills
  5. A network of contacts and mentors who will be valuable throughout your life


A summer internship is an excellent way to gain experience in a field. If you love your science classes, you may decide to intern in a lab. At the end of the experience, you might find that you seriously underestimated how tedious and repetitive lab work can be. However, this is still a net gain for you: you now have a clearer sense of direction. Anybody who works in a STEM field will figure out sooner or later whether they enjoy lab-work, and you figured it out sooner!

In addition to personal development, summer internships allow you to build a strong college application. Colleges want applicants to draw on their prior experiences to craft a narrative explaining why they should be admitted. Work experience of any kind can be beneficial on the application as it indicates commitment, teamwork, and responsibility. Furthermore, a summer internship in a field that you are interested in pursuing as a career can be even more impressive to college admissions. A student hoping to study computer software engineering would obviously want to highlight their academic background in computer science, but adding information about a summer internship at a software development firm places emphasis on the level of commitment that the student has to their chosen field of study.

Summer internships also have benefits far beyond the college admissions process. They can help you build a network and find mentors. While there is no substitute for hard work and talent in the job market, a relevant network of contacts is always a benefit. Working at a summer internship will help you connect with like-minded people and start the networking process. These contacts can offer you general advice, mentorship, and introductions to others in your chosen field. With each relationship, you are helping to pave your path to future employment. Summer internships can even lead to permanent employment after college.

A summer internship may not be the right choice for every high school student and simply taking any internship is not a wise use of your time. If, however, you are able to identify potential internships in fields that truly interest you and are able to put forth the time and effort necessary for a meaningful experience, then a summer internship is arguably the best way to use your summer.


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