Preparing your child to study for the SAT or the ACT can be overwhelming and stressful.

How To Help

With all the information found online and the different types of study plans, you may be even more confused after a quick Google search than when you started the process! If this is the case, the next search you need to do is for a qualified and highly-trained tutor. A tutor can help your child study for the exam by breaking down the content in a much more manageable format, educating your child on the structure of the exam, and also helping with time restrictions. A tutor will prepare your child for test day and eliminate some of the stress surrounding the exam. 

Develop A Baseline

The first thing a qualified tutor will do to prepare your child for the exam is to give them a Practice Test <link> that closely mimics the actual testing session. This initial practice test will provide a baseline test score that depicts your child’s starting point when it comes to the content on the exam and also provide valuable data to identify strengths and weaknesses. The initial/baseline practice test data can be used to pinpoint common themes, types of questions, and subject materials that need attention when studying for the test. 

A tutor will then create a Study Plan We recommend at least a 6 month plan or year long plan for your child. A typical SAT/ACT study plan usually spans six months to one year and is continually being adapted to fit the needs of your child. The plan is cyclical and usually has three main steps:

  1. Take practice test and score to collect data
  2. Analyze data to identify strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the exam
  3. Dive deeper into content, questions, and time restrictions based on data
  4.  and then, repeat the process.

The study plan is built around the idea of understanding basic math topics and building foundational knowledge, better understanding problem solving and data analysis foundations, reviewing English Grammar and punctuation concepts and teaching the student how to tackle reading comprehension and the types of questions asked for each passage.

Once the data is collected and the study plan is set, a tutor will then help your child to better understand how the exam is structured and what is needed to be successful in each part. Over the next few months, the tutor will take each section of the exam and begin to dive into the areas where your child struggled. They will review the questions your child got wrong, focus on errors and content connected to those types of questions, and review, refresh and familiarize your child with each subject area. A quality tutor will also work on test-taking strategies such as how to critically think about the question and identify the possible answer/solution before looking at the choices provided, eliminating all the answer choices that are out of place or don’t make sense, and deciding between two “good” answer choices. A tutor will begin to fill in the gaps (content, time, and strategy) while also fine-tuning the skills needed to be successful on test day. 

 When it comes to the SAT/ACT exam, every tutor understands that preparation is key to reducing stress. Through practice tests, a well-developed study plan, and one-on-one tutoring sessions focused on content, a tutor will help your child to feel more comfortable on test day and be as prepared as possible. 


If you think that tutoring is something that will benefit your child and help when studying for the SAT/ACT, take a look at the following blogs to make the search for a qualified tutor much less stressful: 

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