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We know that it isn’t always easy to get two people in the same room together for tutoring. Thanks to the power of technology though, a face-to-face meeting and patient, effective test preparation can be done entirely online. Mindspire is proud to now offer this online training opportunity to all of our clients.

Many of the same great tutors that are available in our Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Charlotte, and Richmond offices can now also be reached through our online tutoring services. Our tutors, whether online or in person, are required to have at least three years experience and a 99th percentile score in the tests they are preparing students for. Brian Manchester, who graduated from a Duke University masters program magna cum laude; Vladimir Klimenko, a Harvard University graduate with over 20 years teaching experience; Ryan Magee, a Duke University graduate with a masters in physics; and many others are available to offer online tutoring and test preparation.

Online tutoring is available for people of all ages. Elementary and middle school students can receive instruction towards general academic achievement and for SSAT and ISEE tests to help qualify them for competitive high schools. High school students can receive online test preparation for the SAT or ACT that will help teach strategies to lift their scores and increase their chances of being admitted to the colleges they are applying for. Postgraduate programs generally require testing as well, like the MCAT for medical school, LSAT for law school, or GRE and GMAT for most graduate degrees, and Mindspire can help with each.

To receive a free consultation on how our online test prep tutors can help you achieve your best score, contact us today.

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