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Mindspire serves communities in southwest and central Virginia with test prep resources that can help them reach their highest potential. Cities like Richmond, Lynchburg, and Roanoke rely on us to get ready for important tests that can affect what future options and decisions look like. One of the best ways to help others succeed is to be able to achieve yourself. At Mindspire, our tutors can pass these tests in the 99th percentile. Additionally, they have at least three years of experience showing others how to succeed at these structured exams and ways of thinking, as well.

We are fortunate to have Christy Carr leading the way for our Virginia region. Christy has taught math, science, and music as a tutor and in a high school setting. She is a National Merit Scholar and achieved a biology degree from Grove City College. Christy offers tutoring packages in 15-hour, 25-hour, or 35-hour packages both online and in-person for those who live in her region.

If you want a guaranteed higher score for yourself or your child, Mindspire stands behind our work and offers free additional hours if a student’s score doesn’t increase by the promised amount. Maybe you’re a prospective med student wanting to study for the MCAT, or a prospective lawyer wanting to ace the LSAT, or a high school student wanting to get a good enough ACT or SAT score to get into their top college. You may even be a student wanting to solidify good test-taking skills early, Mindspire has a proven history of helping students meet and exceed their educational goals.

Below you will see contact information and an address for our Virginia office. Christy Carr and other tutors are also willing to travel to accommodate their students or to work online for convenience. Contact Mindspire today for a free consultation and information on how we can help you perform your best on your next test.

Richmond Office

8942 Quioccasin Rd
Richmond, VA 23229


Our Virginia Tutors


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