MindfulNess Classes

1. Reduce Stress 2. Improve Focus 3. Succeed!


We are pleased to offer Mindfulness Meditation classes for teenagers who are interested in learning the most evidence-based technique for improving their concentration and focus, as well as overall stress reduction.

Our class will be taught by Katrina Martin, who has taught mindfulness meditation to teens and young adults for over 5 years and is a certified Koru mindfulness instructor. Koru was developed over the course of a decade at Duke University’s student wellness and counseling center and is now available to everybody.

Hundreds of studies have shown that meditating for a few minutes a day has numerous health benefits and can also improve performance in stressful situations such as tests.

This 4-session course is $50 for any current Mindspire™ students. For non-Mindspire™ students, the course is $100.



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