Questions to ask on your college tour

College tours are more than just checking out the campus…

Deciding on the right college can be an overwhelming situation. Not only do you have to pick a college that meets your academic needs and future goals, but the college also has to be the best fit on a personal level.

One of the best things you can do before deciding on your college is to take a tour and ask the right types of questions. With each question, you can dig deeper into the heart of the university and better understand if it is the right place for you from both a learning and personal point of view. If you aren’t sure of what questions to ask, take a look at the following list to get a better idea.

Academic Questions:

  • What types of classes and programs are offered at your school?
  • What career field(s) is your school known for…teaching, nursing, graphic design, marketing, etc.?
  • What is the average size of your introductory classes?
  • What is the average class size of your upper-division courses?
  • Are classes taught by professors or teaching assistants?
  • What types of honors courses are provided at the school? Are there other distinctive programs? Learning communities?

Financial Aid Questions:

  • What percentage of students receive college grants, financial aid, and merit awards?
  • Are there other financial aid options available at your school?
  • What is your average financial aid package?
  • Do you have work-study opportunities? Are the programs federal or college-based?
  • What is the full cost of your university? (food, housing, personal expenses, campus fees)
  • What is the average amount of student loan debt after four years of education at your school?

Graduation Questions:

  • What is your four-year graduation rate?
  • What does it take to graduate in four years?
  • What percentage of first-year students return for their sophomore year at this college? How many of those students graduate from your school?
  • How do you help students after they graduate?

Learning Support Questions:

  • How will the college support my learning?
  • What kind of learning disability resources do you have?
  • How do you provide academic advice to your students?
  • How easy is it for students to meet with professors when they need assistance?
  • Is tutoring available?
  • Is there a cost for tutoring?
  • Do you have career services offered at your school? Career fairs hosted by the school? Recruitment opportunities?


  • What extra-curricular programs does your school offer?
  • What makes your school stand-out from the rest?
  • What is Greek life like at your school?
  • What types of activities are available at your school? Sports? Clubs?
  • What is offered in the surrounding area? Is there a city close by? Activities not pertaining to your school specificially?

Now what?

Now that you have a list of questions to ask during your school tour, the next step is to visit each college and gather the facts. Get a feel for each college and better understand what life will be like on both an academic and personal level. If you still feel uneasy about the whole process, make sure to read “How to pick the right college” to get a much more in-depth look at what research needs to be completed to attend a college that fits all of your needs.

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