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Mindspire’s Sophomore Program is designed for students who want to achieve their best possible scores with the least amount of stress possible. This 50-hour preparatory program begins with the Mindprint cognitive battery, developed at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. Mindprint will illuminate your student’s strengths and weaknesses in Reasoning, Executive Functions, Memory, and Speed, allowing for the most effective teaching and the most effective learning.

By starting the test prep process in their Sophomore year, your student can take deep dives into every aspect of the SAT or ACT, guided by their tutor every step of the way. The result is a genuine understanding of the material that far surpasses any kind of rote memorization.

Mindspire guarantees that any student who completes the Sophomore Program will increase by at least 220 points on the SAT or at least 7 points on the ACT – up to a 1430 or a 32 (97th percentiles). If that improvement doesn’t happen, we will work with the student at no charge until it does. (If the student doesn’t go up 5 points on the ACT or 160 on the SAT, our money-back guarantee applies.) When it comes to college applications, test scores often mean the difference between acceptance and rejection.

Benefits of the Sophomore Program:

  • Taking things slowly means less stress
  • Deeper engagement with the material results in the best possible outcome
  • Earlier engagement means more flexible scheduling
  • Students will be done with standardized testing before they write applications
  • Being ahead of the curve allows time for remedial intervention if students have large content gaps

Students interested in the Sophomore Program must begin by June before their Junior year, and they must be in the equivalent of Math 2 (or higher) as a Sophomore.

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