We believe test preparation is a critical opportunity to hone core academic skills. We develop meaningful relationships with our students, families, and school partnerships. We strive to grow with our students through effort, reflection, and connection.

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Our students who have shown amazing improvement or extremely high test scores:

Michael Fei: 35 ACT Composite (7 point improvement!)

Jackson Kennedy: 35 Math, 35 Reading, 36 English ACT

Kristen Weatherley: 35 ACT Composite

Ana Covington: 35 ACT Composite

Ivan Zaytsev: 36 on ACT Composite

Spencer Gagnon: 6 point ACT improvement

Emilia Ruzicka: 35 on ACT (36 on Science)

Stephen Dallara: 8 point ACT improvement

Cole Moore: 35 English, 36 Science

Talia Kaptanoglu: 6 point ACT improvement

Parker Novak: 35 English

Andrew Defigueredo: 36 Reading

John Turlington: 35 English, 35 Science


Schools where we teach test-prep classes:

Taking a Mindspire™ Prep Class is one of the strongest ways to prepare for a test in a group setting. Classes going on in Durham, Cary, North Raleigh, and online. We use adaptive learning technology to provide extremely effective tutoring in a group format, at a much lower cost than private tutoring (as low as $35 per hour).

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Mock tests are an integral aspect of comprehensive test preparation.

Your first SAT and ACT mock tests are totally free for the public. If you want to take more mock tests with us after your freebies, the cost is $40 per test. 

If you register for any of our classes or tutoring, you get unlimited free mock tests for the rest of your life.

All Mock Tests include a detailed score report pinpointing your strengths and weaknesses.

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Private Tutoring

The most effective and flexible method of test preparation. Fully customized sessions, targeting exactly what you need, using the most powerful teaching methods anywhere. We'll match you with the perfect tutor. Available in Durham, Raleigh, or on Skype -- anywhere in the world.

We are very confident in our process. Private tutoring packages of 10, 20, or 30 hours all come with guaranteed score increases of 2-5 points on the ACT, or 150-250 points on the SAT, depending on number of hours and the experience level of your tutor. 

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Learn More About MindspireMath Circles!

The Mindspire Math Circle combines significant content with a setting that encourages a sense of discovery and excitement about mathematics through problem solving and interactive exploration. Click here to learn more.

Academic Life Coaching

We are pleased to offer a 10-session program of Academic Life Coaching, taught by Shahar Link, a Certified Academic Life Coach. Click here for more information.