Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who qualifies as "gifted"?

Answer: We are happy to have any middle school student who is academically motivated and intellectually curious. They do not need to pass a test.

2. Is there snack and/or lunch?

Answer: You can provide snack and lunch, or we can for a fee of $50/week.

3. When do we pick up students who only attend for the morning?

Answer: Any time between 12 and 12:30.

4. Why did you choose your four topics (Math, Science, Debate, STEM+Design)?

Answer: We believe these four topics are extremely interesting, less covered in most middle schools, and very relevant for today's world.

5. How many students are in each camp?

Answer: We have a maximum of 10 students, and a minimum of 4. If we do not have 4 students enroll, we will provide a full refund.