Your Sophomore year is all about test prep 

Senior year is the time for applying to and being accepted into the college of your choice. Junior year is for building your academic resume and taking the SAT or ACT. What should you be doing to prepare for this process in your sophomore year? In your sophomore year you should be laying the groundwork for success on the SAT/ACT.

Why start prepping for the SAT or ACT in your sophomore year? 

Your sophomore year of high school is when you will begin to take classes that will prepare you for the academic rigors of college and will give you a better understanding of what is needed to be prepared for your secondary education. If you use your sophomore year to also prepare for the SAT or ACT exam, you will be able to approach your academic future at a less stressful pace. Early preparation can reduce your stress level in your junior year and will give you greater freedom to choose when you take the test.




The SAT and ACT are each approximately 3 hours in length and you should approach these exams in the same way you would train for a marathon. Advance study and practice tests will help build your stamina.

If you start preparing for the SAT/ACT your sophomore year, you’ll be able to accomplish the following:


  • Take numerous practice tests to get a feel for the exam
  • Study at a much more relaxed pace
  • Determine your strengths and work through your weaknesses in each section
  • Understand timing issues and how to deal with them
  • Learn how you perform under pressure
  • Increase your score as you become familiar with question-types and strategies

Having this additional time to study will permit you to focus on the subjects you most need to study, as well as allow time for reviewing areas in which you feel confident.




Preparing for the SAT/ACT during your sophomore year will help to significantly reduce your stress and make the process less overwhelming. With each practice test and study session, you are mastering the exam, which will allow you to enter the official SAT/ACT exam with confidence and focus. Early study also provides you with time to take the exam on more than one occasion if needed.


School, test prep, life balance

Most students begin studying for the SAT/ACT during their junior year of high school. At the same time, they must manage a more demanding academic course load, in addition to athletics or other extracurricular activities. If you begin to study for these exams in your sophomore year, you will allow for a school-test prep balance that can make your life easier.


1-Year Study plan

Studying for the SAT/ACT during your sophomore year allows you to better enjoy your high school experience and not become excessively stressed over the exam. Doing well on the SAT/ACT is vital for the college application process, so you will want to do all that you can to set yourself up for success.

If you aren’t quite sure how to create a study plan for the SAT/ACT, take a look at this 1-year study plan.

How can MINDSPIRE help with your student?

At MINDSPIRE, we provide tutoring and test prep that is tailored to specific learning styles and individual needs. If you are interested in getting a tutor for any standardized exam, contact us or give us a call at 844-537-PREP (7737).

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